How periodontal services can help you maintain a healthy smile

Our Columbus, Georgia, area practice is pleased to offer periodontal services to new and returning patients. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a preventable condition that can lead to bleeding gums, swollen gum tissues, shrinking jawbone, and lost natural teeth. There are several stages of periodontal disease, starting with gingivitis and ending with severe periodontitis. With effective gum disease treatment, Drs. Devon Paris, Laura Watterson, and Brett Page and their team of hygienists at Gentle Dentistry of Columbus can try to repair the damage that has already occurred and start procedures to restore the function and health of the smile, such as tooth replacement solutions.

What can be done to treat gum disease?

The severity of the condition will often dictate the treatment our dental team might recommend. Patients with gingivitis are at the beginning stages of infection. In many cases, the condition can be greatly improved with a deep cleaning or a procedure such as scaling and root planing, which works to remove bacteria from surfaces of the teeth that are above and below the gums.

If you have the later stages of periodontitis, you may require a referral to a Periodontist or laser periodontal therapy instead. Like scaling and root planing, this treatment goes deep to treat the severe infection. It uses dental lasers to reduce bleeding and ensure precision treatment of the specific areas that need additional attention. Many patients find laser periodontal therapy much more comfortable than traditional scaling and root planing with reliable results.

How do I protect my smile from periodontal disease?

Our team can educate you on ways to maintain a healthy smile, like tips on brushing, flossing, and keeping routine dental evaluations at our practice to monitor for changes indicative of gum disease or tooth decay. Early intervention is critical to keeping these problems from spreading and becoming more severe and damaging to your natural smile.

How do I know if I need periodontal services?

During a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our lovely hygienists, Drs. Devon Paris, Laura Watterson, and Brett Page, you can learn more about the state of your oral health and find out what treatments might be beneficial in achieving a healthy smile yet again! If you live in Columbus, GA, and want to schedule an appointment at 1846 Warm Springs Road, call (706) 321-4330 today. The office serves patients in Phenix City, LaGrange, Fortson, Manchester, Smiths Station, and Hamilton.