Where can I take my children for pediatric dentistry services?

If you and your family reside in Columbus, Georgia, or any surrounding areas, and you are seeking a dental team offering pediatric density, do not hesitate to contact Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson of Gentle Dentistry of Columbus. In addition to serving adult patients, we also provide family-friendly services for children and teenagers!

Where can I take my children for pediatric dentistry services?

Seeking a dental team for the entire family? Do you want to work with a team that offers pediatric dentistry solutions and dental care for children? Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson can assist. They provide services for kids in and around Phoenix City, LaGrange, Fortson, Manchester, Smiths Station, and Hamilton.

What services are offered by a kids’ dentist?

Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson are pleased to offer a variety of services for children, including:

  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Fillings and sealants
  • Routine restorative care
  • Emergency treatment
  • Treatments for gum disease
  • Tooth extractions (when necessary)

We also provide specialized treatments, including pulpotomies, and sedation dentistry, reducing the need for referrals to others in the community. Our families already trust our team of professionals and have built lasting relationships with our dentists. Our goal at Gentle Dentistry of Columbus is to protect your children’s teeth while teaching them proper oral hygiene habits they can continue throughout life–just like Dr. Paris does with her kiddos at home! Additionally, we strive to make sure each visit is comfortable and stress-free! With the help of our friendly team and modern technology, we are confident that your children will have a positive experience when visiting our state-of-the-art dental practice!

How do I schedule my child for a dental appointment?

If you are ready to connect with our Gentle Dentistry of Columbus team, we encourage you to call the office at (706) 321-4330 to schedule an appointment with our friendly front office team. We are located at 500 Brookstone Centre Pkwy Bldg 300 and welcome new and returning patients and families of all ages into our practice!