How Do Dental Crowns Work To Repair And Restore Natural Teeth?

When you have decayed or damaged teeth, they can become highly problematic to you in many different ways. These teeth can become infected, resulting in pain and discomfort that can only be addressed with the assistance of a dental professional. They may also be damaged further, sometimes requiring patients to have them permanently extracted. Fortunately, the team at Gentle Dentistry of Columbus in Columbus, Georgia, works directly with patients to educate them on the benefits of having a dental crown fabricated and placed over these weakened teeth.

What is a dental crown?

Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson describe the dental crown as a porcelain cap customized for the patient and bonded over a damaged tooth. Crowns are a popular restorative and cosmetic dentistry solution for patients needing to protect their teeth from infection, decay, and trauma.

What can I expect in obtaining a ceramic dental crown?

The dental crown procedure begins with a consultation visit with Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson. During this first appointment, our dentists evaluate your smile to determine if you are a proper candidate for creating and placing a dental crown. Other solutions may be discussed to ensure you are making an educated decision on restoring your smile. Then, the tooth is prepared by removing a portion of the natural enamel around the tooth. Impressions are made and sent to an outside laboratory to fabricate the final restoration from an experienced ceramist. A temporary crown, or tooth cap, is bonded over the prepared tooth to protect it until the final restoration returns to the office, after which our team will remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent one in place.

Fix your smile in just a few visits to the dental office!

If you reside in Columbus, GA, and want to find out if you are a good candidate for the fabrication and bonding of dental crowns over damaged teeth, call our team today at (706) 321-4330 to request an initial evaluation with Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson to discuss your options. The practice is located at 500 Brookstone Centre Pkwy Bldg 300 and serves patients in and around the communities of Hamilton, Smiths Station, Manchester, Fortson, LaGrange, and Phoenix City.