Removable Partial Dentures Make Restoration Of The Smile A Reality!

Our teeth are intended to last a lifetime, and if you have gotten through the majority of your life without experiencing tooth loss, this makes it easier to enjoy your natural teeth and appreciate them. However, situations can occur in which patients might experience tooth extraction or loss, such as trauma or severe periodontitis. Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson of Gentle Dentistry of Columbus of Columbus, Georgia, are dedicated to helping patients learn about their options for smile restoration after tooth loss or extraction, including the fabrication and use of partials, or “partial dentures.”

How do partial dentures work?

Partial dentures are just one of several denture types available at our office. Partial dentures are best for patients missing one or several teeth in the arch, as the denture is made with a metal framework that snaps over the existing teeth to hold them in place. Partial dentures are typically covered by most dental insurance policies, making them an economical option for many of our patients who visit with our team.

What are the benefits of partial dentures?

Partial dentures have a few advantages that often make them desirable for many patients who come into our office with concerns about tooth replacement. Partial dentures:

  • Restore your ability to chew your food, ensuring proper digestion and the ability to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Restore your ability to speak properly, providing clear and concise speech
  • Are customized to fit your smile so it stays in place and functions at its best
  • Prevent “dental drift,” which is the shifting of the natural teeth after tooth loss
  • Offer a cost-effective way of replacing one or more teeth when compared to implants and bridges
  • Do not require oral surgery, as dental implants do

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