When might I need emergency dental care?

If you reside in Columbus, Georgia, and are in a situation where you might need emergency dental care, it is wise to connect with a dental team that offers same-day services. Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson of Gentle Dentistry of Columbus welcome you to their practice when you have a dental emergency and require immediate attention from a dental professional. Whether you’ve been to our office before or are a new patient, we can attend to your needs when you need us most!

When might I need emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care may be necessary if you experience the following:

  • A sudden, severe toothache
  • Have you lost or broken a tooth
  • Are experiencing ongoing bleeding in the mouth
  • Are unable to close or open your jaw due to swelling or pain
  • Trauma like car wrecks, falls, etc.
  • Have any other serious oral health issue that needs immediate attention

If you believe your dental problem is an emergency and seek the assistance of a same-day dentist, fast treatment can reduce the risk of further damage and discomfort.

What treatments are considered emergency dentistry?

Several situations may arise, and various treatments might be recommended. Sometimes, a severe tooth infection might require emergency tooth extraction if the tooth cannot be saved with procedures such as root canal therapy. Alternatively, an avulsed tooth, or a knocked-out tooth, is displaced from the bone of the jaw and needs to be replaced needs to be done quickly to increase the chances of reattachment. In the meantime, the avulsed tooth MUST stay in the person’s saliva or milk–do NOT put the tooth in the water!  Our team will evaluate your situation and recommend the best treatments to get your smile back to health.

Call our team of professionals today if you need immediate dental care!

Be sure to contact our dentists at Gentle Dentistry of Columbus right away if you need emergency dental care. Drs. Devon Paris and Laura Watterson can provide advice on how best to proceed with treatment based on your specific condition and dental situation—call (706) 321-4330 to schedule a same-day visit at 500 Brookstone Centre Pkwy Bldg 300. We serve new and returning patients and serve those in the surrounding communities of Hamilton, Smiths Station, Manchester, Fortson, LaGrange, and Phoenix City.