Maintain a Healthy, Functional Smile After Tooth Loss With Full Arch Restorations

Dental implants are one of the few restorations that have been in the spotlight for several years as the “gold standard” for tooth replacement. These titanium restorations are small posts designed to act as anchors for crowns, bridges, or dentures. When patients visit Drs. Devon Paris, Laura Watterson, and Brett Page of Gentle Dentistry of Columbus may find that they are viable candidates for this or other dental restorations available. Dental implants are often used for the full arch restoration of the smile when used to create implant-supported dentures.

How do implant-supported dentures replace missing teeth?

Full arch dental implant restoration continues to be a popular way for patients with significant tooth loss to replace single to multiple teeth and enjoy a more attractive smile that functions at its best, allowing them to enjoy their favorite meals and smile and socialize with confidence. Implant-supported dentures start with placing four to six dental implants along the arch, which are then attached to a conservative set of full dentures. These dentures are custom for each patient to match their natural smile and ensure they do not have the appearance of false teeth.

How much does full arch restoration cost?

The cost of treatment with implant-supported dentures varies significantly from patient to patient because each individual is unique and has their own situation that needs to be addressed. Cost is impacted by several factors, including one’s dental insurance benefits, how many implants are required along the arch, whether or not gum grafting needs to be performed beforehand, and if any unexpected complications occur through the process. We can give you a more accurate quote for upcoming dental work with a consultation visit at our office.

Replace missing teeth with full arch restorations today!

Columbus, GA, area patients can call (706) 321-4330 to request an appointment at our dental office, conveniently located at 1846 Warm Springs Road. Drs. Devon Paris, Laura Watterson, and Brett Page work with patients to help them learn how to restore the smile after extraction or loss of all the teeth in the dental arch with full arch restorations. They serve patients in the surrounding communities of Phoenix City, LaGrange, Fortson, Manchester, Smiths Station, and Hamilton and are open to new patients.