Our Services

Our office specializes in many dental procedures that will improve your dental health and your smile. If there is more than one solution, we will help you decide what is best for your individual needs. Dr. Leerssen, Dr. Paris and our staff genuinely care about your continued excellent dental health. We will educate you and your family about the latest information to help you prevent future dental problems. Some of our services include:


Cleaning and Exams
Crowns & Bridges
Dentures & Partials

Fillings & Sealants

Root Canals (Limited)


Regular visits are the best way to avoid dental problems. In recent years, bacterial inflammation involved in gum disease has been linked to chronic health problems like stroke, coronary artery disease and premature low birth weight babies. Our doctors and hygienists take great care to identify and treat gum disease early to keep your mouth healthy.

We’d like to tell you more about all our services. Please call our office.